Georgia Lee Hussey


I built Modernist Financial on a foundation of creativity and collaboration, as a place where families and business owners become educated and empowered around money through the process of financial planning. I believe that relationships are our greatest wealth. I am committed to a partnership-based approach, one in which we are always learning from each other. I come alive when my clients fully express their financial needs and become energized to fulfill them. Modernist is a home for our staff, our clients and our community — it affords us the freedom to think bigger, smarter, and more colorfully; to feel ease and support; to enjoy beauty and art.  

My undergraduate education in sculpture and writing at Sarah Lawrence College taught me to think in a non-hierarchical and cross-disciplinary manner, skills I carry into my work with clients and in the community. In 2010, I decided that my vocation lay outside my studio and went on to earn an Executive Certificate in Financial Planning as well as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.  

At Modernist, we believe that caring for our wealth is essential to the greater good of the community. I use my resources to support organizations I believe in, including: Write Around Portland, Oregon Cultural Trust, OPB and the Women’s Foundation of Oregon.  I focus my volunteer time as a member of the Money Quotient National Advisory Board and the Oregon Community Foundation's Metropolitan Portland Leadership Council. Modernist also became a Work for Art business in the fall of 2015. 

Though I was born in the South, grew up in the Midwest, was educated and lived in New York City, Portland is my chosen home. I am inspired by the vibrant creative communities that thrive here, including craft, design, urban planning, food and literature. I love walking, cycling or sketching around this fantastic city with my partner while living and working in Portland’s beautiful downtown.

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