Letter from our founder

When I launched Modernist Financial in the summer of 2015, my mission was to resist the culture of conformity in finance and create a new kind of firm; a wealth management firm aligned with my progressive values, a firm that spoke to my inner artist and creative.

Until now, we have referred to our clients as ‘creatives.’ But that term has always been quite broad. It meant academics, entrepreneurs, and scientists who value creativity and learning, visionaries of every gender and heritage. Our clients are people who desire a more inclusive and responsible financial industry to guide them.

In November 2016 a lot changed. We entered a new phase in American history, with a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety within the communities we hold dear. Our values as progressives and creatives have been challenged again and again. It is clear that it’s time for us to shout from the rooftops who we are, whom we serve, and what we believe in.

Modernist Financial is a progressive financial firm led by a queer progressive woman. We know that progressive people of means struggle with how their wealth exists within inequitable financial structures. And we know we’re the best firm to help them take responsibility for their resources, while investing in our common future.

As a B Corp and fiduciary, we are living into these values, by committing to an equitable industry, modeling best practices, and walking the path of the burgeoning conscious capitalism movement. We have committed to being a fee-only firm that donates 1.5% of our revenue to organizations that address wealth inequality.

We would love your help to propel Modernist towards our vision of a transparent and equitable financial industry. If you know a progressive person looking for a wealth management firm that reflects their values, send them our way. If you know a new CFP to help us grow, send them our way. If you know other resources on wealth inequality we should be learning from, send them our way.