Team Modernist on values-based investing, video art and GLH telling it like it is

The end of the year is upon us, which means long weekends and pie for breakfast. It is also time to wrap up your 2016 charitable giving before December 31st. If you plan to donate to Oregon cultural organizations, you may be able to make a matching gift to Oregon Cultural Trust and deduct it from your Oregon state taxes!

Charitable giving is one way to support causes that align with your values. In recent years, there has also been a lot of progress in values-based investing practices. Excuse our longer newsletter, but we think you’ll be fascinated!

What Are Money Stories?

The stories that compose our lives are historical, romantic, political, social, and spiritual; they are also financial.

Talking about money, even more than sex, is often embarrassing, shameful, taboo. Like our cultural inhibitions about sexuality, dissonant stories about money can obscure our path to personal awareness and growth.

Yet, humans are story-telling marvels, usually placing ourselves at the center of the narratives we spin. Buddhism teaches that we tell ourselves stories in order to make sense of our individual suffering. Joan Didion reminds us that “we tell ourselves stories in order to live.”

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Team Modernist on #CountHerIn, Georgia at Wildfang, and Dolly Parton

We “celebrated” Equal Pay Day back on April 12th, marking the day on which the average US woman will have earned the same income as an average man did in the previous calendar year. Unfortunately, the April 12th date doesn’t tell the whole story – Latina women won’t have earned the same amount until November 1st. The data is discouraging, but with so many great women and allies out there, we’re hopeful. Read on for more.  –- Georgia and Team Modernist

Team Modernist on Life Transitions, PICA's T:BA Festival, and Miles Davis

This month we’re thinking about Transitions and our approach to change. One of Modernist’s core values is “Innovate & Iterate” because we know that change is a constant in our lives. We seek to embrace change by anticipating it whenever possible while keeping a positive mindset. This attitude doesn’t just support our fast-growing business; it is also at the heart of our work with clients.