Why these two retirees are spending their life farming and painting, instead of worrying.

When Sam came to us, she knew it was time to retire from long hours as an architect, but she had no idea where to begin.  She dreamed of moving to the country and living a slower life full of the things she loved: painting, cooking and caring for her relationship.    

Her partner, Kelly, had managed their investments, but 2008 really spooked her.  She didn’t cash out but she spent many sleepless nights worrying whether she was making the right choices for their future.  Kelly was clear that she didn’t want the responsibility of managing their portfolio once they retired.   

Together, we clarified a vision of their life in retirement and implemented an investment portfolio designed to last the rest of their life.  Sam gained a deeper understanding of their investments and Kelly was happy to delegate.  We worked with their CPA to minimize taxes by understanding their income need and distributing appropriate amounts from their IRAs, Roth IRAs and taxable investments.  In the absence of heirs, we aligned their financial plan with their desire to give. In collaboration with a community foundation, Sam and Kelly created a Donor Advised Fund, a philanthropic structure that will outlive them.   

They enjoy checking in at our semi-annual meetings, to review their plan and portfolio.  This leaves Sam free to take art classes and Kelly to focus on growing her famous heirloom tomatoes.