By Georgia Lee Hussey

At Modernist, we aim to help our communities build a self-aware and integrative relationship with money, one that nourishes all areas of life and our collective well-being.

I know it sounds lofty, but I believe if we talk more openly about money, we can change the world. Conversations about money are at the heart of the work I do every day, but I've long known that I must take this work outside of client meetings and into the community. We do this through pro-bono financial planning workshops as well as our Modernist Money Stories gatherings.

How to use storytelling to inform your financial future

By Liliya Jones

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I’m not an artist, writer or creative in any traditional sense of the word. In fact, most people regard my work as the opposite of that - I run operations at a financial firm. However, it so happens that I heavily rely on a creative process in my daily work - storytelling.

From Our Investment Committee | Q4 2017 in Perspective

Global stock markets delivered robust gains once again in the fourth quarter, capping off a stellar 2017. In the U.S., the S&P 500 rose every month of the calendar year for the first time ever. Emerging Market stocks led the way during the quarter with MSCI Emerging Markets up 6.8%, while the S&P 500 rose 6.6% and non-U.S. developed markets, as measured by MSCI World Ex US, were up 4.2%.

From our investment committee | Change how you think about bull market investing

Many months of stock market highs have led investors to ask, “How long is this going to last, and when should I get out?”

Intuition tells us that after such a long period of sustained performance we might be due for a correction. This instinctive thinking also occurs in baseball, when a batter is “due” for a hit after a prolonged string of hitless at-bats, and in gambling, with the belief that you might be “due” to see the ball land on black after a string of red spins at the roulette wheel.

From our investment committee | A bowl of cashews and the nobel-prize lesson of self control

Richard Thaler was recently honored with the Nobel Prize in Economics for his pioneering work in human behavior, specifically for establishing that people are “predictably irrational.” But the story of Thaler’s first insight into what would become behavioral economics and finance is famous and instructive.

Team Modernist on our January LA trip, Recent Press, and X-Ray Spex

Modernist is coming to LA!

Team Modernist will be in sunny Los Angeles January 22nd - January 28th. If there is anybody in LA that you think we should meet - let us know! We are always on the lookout for fabulous new clients and collaborators, especially CPAs who work with creatives.

To learn more about who may be a good fit for us, take a look at the work we do.

Why we have to talk to our families about death

By Liliya Jones

The holiday season means pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (just me?) and, for a lot of people, spending the most time they get with their families all year. This year, once the carbs and turkey get everybody appropriately sedated, I propose that you try something a little unexpected: starting a conversation with your family about aging and end of life.

FROM OUR INVESTMENT COMMITTEE | The Risk You Need vs. The Risk You Can Afford

By Meir Statman

Just as there is a difference between being able to afford a luxury car and actually buying a luxury car, there is a difference between being able to afford high risk investments and choosing a high-risk investment portfolio. Indeed, there is much comfort in knowing that we can afford a luxury car while enjoying a modest one, and there is tranquility in knowing that we can bear high investment risk but only need a portfolio with low or moderate investment risk.

Why We Share Our Money Stories

By Georgia Lee Hussey

Every other month we invite a small group of thought leaders to gather and connect in a guided, confidential conversation about money through an event series we launched this summer: MODERNIST MONEY STORIES.

Meaningful, intimate conversations about money lie at the heart of our work with clients and we’ve always aimed to expand these conversations beyond our one-on-one meetings. MODERNIST MONEY STORIES takes these discussions into the larger community and supports our mission of fostering greater money awareness in our world.

Team Modernist on Funding our Heroes, Q3 Investment Insights Webinar, and David Bowie

Modernist’s next quarterly Investment Insights webinar is coming up fast!

In 25 minutes, we’ll dive into what investors need to be considering this quarter, with a focus on investing in a continuing bull market that shows limited volatility and what it means for your investment decisions. At the end of the presentation we’ll dig deep into a visual review of Q3 performance across asset classes.


Modernist’s Asset Class Investing portfolios are strategically invested with a focus on long-term performance objectives. Portfolio allocations and investments are not adjusted in response to market news or economic events; however, we evaluate and report on market and economic conditions to provide our investors with perspective and to put portfolio performance in proper context.

Global stock markets delivered robust gains in the third quarter 2017 as volatility fell in the U.S. and the dollar depreciated, supercharging International returns.

Giving for Our Birthday

Modernist Financial turned two last month! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we set out to realize our vision for a values-centric wealth management firm. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it and are delighted by the success we’ve seen.

Now, as then, we are driven by our desire to help creatives structure their wealth around their values. We have also worked to clarify our own values, and are honoring them as we celebrate our birthday.